Summer Showreel 2009

180 Degree Jump

This was a downloaded Mike rig and was produced within Max2009. I used video reference to get the timing and weight accurate. I'm quite pleased how such a simple rig can become a small character.


Walk Cycle

I have never animated in Maya before, but since learning the basics of the software from my job at Climax I thought I would give it a go. I downloaded the MaxForMaya rig and used this to produce my walk cycle. I wanted the character to come across as a confident happy chap.


Producing New Work to Update My Showreel

Hello everyone.

Apologies for it being a while since I last updated my blog. To catch up I finished my contract at the games company Climax at the end of August and I have to say to add to my love of being an animator, they have also converted me in to an SFX artist. I can not believe how much I learnt in only 3 months and enjoyed everyday there. When I first started my degree I always wanted to end up within the film industry, however I enjoyed the atmosphere and fast paced work schedule of the games industry. The game I worked on is being released in January, so hopefully I can showcase some of the work I produced after then :)

But since then I have been producing new work to update my current showreel. Essential work was needed to showcase my skills such as a walk cycle, a jump and an example of weight.


Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog.

I've set this up as a temporary way of displaying my work until I can get my website up and running.

My name is Steph, nick-named StephieBean by friends, and I am a 3D animator who has just finished a BA(Hons) Animation degree at the University of Portsmouth. I am still awaiting my grades. OOoo the suspense is killing me :)

Feel free to have a look at some of my concept work and Animations along with my 2009 Showreel.

I am currently working at the games company Climax in Portsmouth on a 3 month contract as a Junior SFX Artist. My passion and dream would be to get a job as a 3D animatior but I see this job as great work experience. In the short time I have been there I have learnt so much, from how the different areas of a game team works together, as well as the software Maya, which I had not used at Uni before.

If you want to contact me you can either leave a comment on this site or you can email me at




My aim is to gain employment working to produce high quality character animation for either the gaming or film/television industry.



- Competent Knowledge of 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
- Effective knowledge of Adobe After Effects
- Character Animator
- Effective knowledge of Maya
- Experience in producing Game SFXs
- Ability to pick up new skills quickly such as in-house tools and procedures.


Past Projects

The Cow That Laid an Egg (May 2009) – Self Elected Final Project
Pre production, production and post created individually. Highly concentrated on the character animation.

Reminiscence (January 2009) – 3 Person Group Project
Character animation, Group organiser, Cameras, Particle Animation, Prop Modeller (shared).

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (May 2008) – 4 Person Group Project
Director, Group organiser, Modelling, Rigging, Skinning, Character Animation (shared), Cameras. Post Production (shared).



1998-2003 The King John School, Thundersley, Essex.

Achieved 11 GCSE’s, A*-C grade, including:

GCSE English Language (A)
GCSE Maths (A)
GCSE Art (B)

2003 -2005 Seevic College, Thundersley, Essex.

Achieved 3 A Levels & 1 AS Level, including:

A Level Art Graphics (A)

2005 – 2006 The University College of Creative Arts, Maidstone, Kent.

BTEC National Diploma in the
Foundation Studies of Art and Design (Merit)

2006 – 2009 The University of Portsmouth

BA(Hons) Animation with First Class Honours.

Awarded the School of Creative Technologies prize for best Animation Student (2009).



2009 Climax Group, Portsmouth – Junior SFX Artist

Produce both character and environmental SFX for games, including creating the appropriate textures for the SFX.
Used to a fast paced working environment and working under pressure for deadlines.
Excellent inter-personal and communications skills obtained though working with a large team and having to communicate between the designers, coders and artists to get a task completed.

2008 – 2009 Debenhams. Basildon, Essex. – Sales Assistant
2003 - 2006

Responsibility of specific department sales.
Personal customer service skills.
Long overnight hours, helping with department moves and stock take.
Visual Merchandising.

2008 Rail Europe. Kings Hill, Kent – Call Centre Ticket Sales

Strong planning, organising and researching abilities were needed to map out and book customers’ detailed journeys and specific requirements.
High motivation needed in meeting personal monthly targets.
Over the phone customer service skills.



- Computer Games
- Skiing
- Reading
- Films